Marvels Worst Superhero Movies

Posted by on March 4, 2014 at 2:57 am


During these years since the superhero genre has been skyrocketed to never seen before heights, Marvel has been a constant provider of characters, all of them coming from great source materials. But the end products, the movies which we got to see, didn’t all rise to the expectations.

Of course, we’ve had our share of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America movies, but on the other hand we have also had duds like the Fantastic four and the Punisher. And while some of these characters still have a chance of making it big on the silver screens, some other will forever lack a visionary director and the studio’s true grit (of course, in this case we are talking about Deadpool, a project who hasn’t been green light because the studio is still looking for a way to make it PG-13 and thus more appealing to the larger audiences).

These are our choices of the best Marvel superheroes that have been visiting the silver screens but to no success.