Superman’s Greatest Foes We’d Like To See On The Big Screen

  • Superman

    When he first appeared, Superman was all but invincible – that meant that no matter what was thrown at him he would’ve certainly won. So, gradually, his powers were diminished a little, with two major vulnerabilities added since 1933, when he first appeared: kryptonite and magic. This way the world (and the readers) knew that he can be defeated, knew that an enemy could rise and bring him down. Because, after all, what gives the measure of a hero if not the foes he faces?

    It is a very refreshing take on its villains that DC has taken, making them more realistic than ever, letting the viewers understand the reasons behind their actions. They are not flat and with a generic “evil” plan in mind, but they have a back story with which the viewer can empathize. We can hardly wait to see what Zack Snyder and Co. are going to do with Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel.

    And we cannot wait for the future movies, and see some other Superman foes coming to the big screen. These are our top choices of characters from the Man of Steel gallery which could be brought to life in the universe created by Zack Snyder.

  • 5. Parasite


    From all the greatest Superman supervillains that have appeared along the road, this was the one to change faces several times – however, he is best known as formerly being Rudy Jones, a slacker working at S. T. A. R. Labs as a janitor. Tricked by Darkseid, Rudy Jones opened a container and exposed himself to a strange form of radiation which transformed it into the bald pink-violet-skinned villain.

    After he became the Parasite, he was able to absorb the life force and the power from every living thing he touched – like a parasite, this was his only way of staying alive. When doing so, his powers were increased, at least until the strength and vitality absorbed was depleted. When absorbing the vitality of a meta-human, he also absorbed for a limited amount of time the superpowers.

    One of the most important villains from the Superman rogue gallery, Parasite can also detect the life energy inside a living being – this makes Superman vulnerable to him. Parasite even caught Superman once and kept him as livestock, returning to feed on him.

    This character could actually work, especially since he is the result of an accident – if it can be named so. S. T. A. R. labs were already introduced in Man of Steel, so…

  • 4. Metallo


    Basically a Cyborg, Metallo wouldn’t be such a threat to Superman if he didn’t have an ace in the sleeve (so to speak): he is powered by a kryptonite heart.

    Whether a part time journalist/ part time murderer or a con-man, Metallo is best known as being John Corben, a character who gets his brain transplanted into a robotic body powered kryptonite. Because he has a metallic body, he is more resistant to physical and energy attacks. However, this isn’t the only ability which comes with this new body: after Brainiac interfered for a little bit, Metallo was able to upgrade his body, being several times depicted as having a liquid metal-based exoskeleton which can be transformed into all types of weapons.

    Metallo is so high on this list simply because his presence alone could kill the Man of Steel – one time, Metallo destroyed 6 of General Zod’s people. So he is indeed a force to be taken seriously.

    Why would he work in the Zack Snyder universe? Because he is usually manipulated by other villains in the Superman rogue gallery, especially Lex Luthor – and since there are no chances of seeing Lex in a battle suit any time soon, Metallo could be the perfect weapon against the Kryptonian.

  • 3. Brainiac


    A foe that has been with Superman from the early beginnings, Brainiac is described as an extraterrestrial android and can be summed up by two words: “brain” and “maniac”.

    Portrayed as a greenish bald humanoid, Brainiac is one of the criminal masterminds that regularly haunt the Man of Steel. A complicated (if not complex) character, Brainiac is hell bent on enslaving all life in the Universe or destroying it (like all psychopaths, he takes trophies; except his are entire cities, which are miniaturized and brought on his ship). Ultimately, his goal is to be the master of all knowledge.

    Since he is probably the most intelligent in the universe (he has a level 12 of intelligence, while the 31st century Earth has a 9 level of intelligence), he also developed some very impressive powers and abilities, such as possessing others, absorbing information from other beings, transferring his consciousness, creating and manipulating computer systems, replicating multiple versions of himself, exerting powers to traverse or control space and time, telepathy and telekinesis. This android (just like the Marvel knock-off Ultron) cannot be killed, since he can transport his conscience from one android body to another.

    Other thing could also be of importance, especially since we are talking about the possibility of appearing in the movies: on several occasions, Brainiac possessed Metallo as well as Doomsday.

  • 2. Doomsday


    This one killed Superman.

    Basically a Kryptonian genetic military experiment, Doomsday cannot be killed since he can recover from whatever is thrown at him. During his life, Doomsday has faced all types of threats – if he was defeated or even killed, he slowly came back to life and learned from his own mistakes; furthermore, if he was killed he became immune to that threat.

    While he is a relatively new character, Doomsday is one to be feared, even if he is not particularly bright. If you can consider the fact that he has fought some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, than you will understand why he is on this list – at one time he even beat Darkseid to a pulp, living him unconscious; some other time he beat the entire Justice League, which allied itself with Orion – and the worst thing about Doomsday is that he continually evolves, gradually becoming resistant or immune to anything.

    The best thing is that he may actually be set up for either Batman vs. Superman or Justice League, with strong chances of being played by Jason Momoa.

  • 1. Darkseid


    One of the most powerful and most evil beings in the Universe, Darkseid is an extraterrestrial being of royal heritage, and he is also the master of the planet Apokolips.

    One of the most powerful new gods, Darkseid’s main weapon is his Omega beams, with which he can erase from existence (or bring back to life, depending on his will) almost any living being. He is so powerful, that he rarely fights, considering his adversaries not worthy of his involvement in a battle. He can only be challenged by the likes of Superman and Doomsday.

    What is even more interesting is that in the new timeline created by Flash, Darkseid is the very first supervillain to be battled by the Justice League. And what a fight it was – there are plenty of chances that he will actually be seen in the Justice League project.

  • So what do you think of our list? Which supervillain would you like to see in a Superman movie? We would certainly like to see down the road the likes of Elite, Toyman, or even Bizarro.